Rise of the Orangutan Resistance

Comet, an orangutan, faces a dilemma when he meets a sick human who needs his help. He defies his tribe leader and risks everything to assist her.

Notes log, October 18th, 2900

This is the big one. For all intents and purposes, all of our science is pointing towards this being an extinction-level pandemic. We’re still testing out the hypothesizes, but many of my fellow scientists are sure. After all, humanity has been through, who’d thought that this would be the thing that could do us all in. Some of us have already started looking for a cure, meanwhile, I’ve come up with a name and a document to explain to the world leaders. There’s no use hiding behind a more scientific name with such a looming threat, EX-Flu. Some orangutans and other apes are being flown in later today, hopefully, testing will go well.

October 18, 2975

Comet made his way through the tall grass into what the humans used to call their lab. He carried with him a makeshift spear as he approached a rusty metal door. There was a small crack in the door so he aimed his weapon and pierced it through using the leverage to lift open a larger crack. Crouching down he was able to make his way into the lab. As he was in a corridor he looked around to see cages. Cages meant for his kind, orangutans. During the early days of his species new genesis, this would be where his grandparents would have been kept, where they were tested on and experimented on. The orangutans of this age were given the genetics of reptiles and sometimes other species in order to enhance their natural immunity to viruses. However, the experiments also rapidly increased their intelligence and evolution as a species. Their children would give birth to what is called Post-Orangutan to heighten the fact they were different from what came before.

He could see carvings and some words made by their scratches. Words were sacred to their species. It was decided that humans used too many of them, so the orangutan would use few words. They preferred their old ways of animal-like communication and vocal speech was to only be used during important circumstances. Comet continued to make his way through the lab. He had been tasked by his tribe leader to try to find out where the humans were going. The human population had been in steep decline, while the orangutans were growing exponentially, but some humans were still alive. Humans were too few to be the orangutan’s enemies, but underestimating could be costly. If anything keeping track of their whereabouts would be key to recording his species’ history.

Upon turning right, he found a computer. Jumping forward onto the table, he quickly booted it up and turned it on. There was still an internet for humans to communicate on, perhaps it would be key. Checking on the latest news he felt his eyes pop. They were going where? He quickly rushed out of the lab having the information he needed.

Back at his tribe, he talked to his tribe leader. He had pointed to the stars.

“Red planet,” Comet said.

The other orangutans gasped at the revelation. The humans were planning to leave the earth entirely, they had made an ark. Stationed around twelve miles away. Tree swinging distance to the orangutans. Comet’s tribe leader, Fox rubbed her hand on her chin. Fox was descended from one of the revolutionaries that led the escape from the labs, a whole line of heroes who gave birth to a new world. She wore a hannya mask passed down from her family line as a sign of authority. She also had orange and white fur similar to a fox.

“Humans must be stopped,” she said.

The words echoed. Comet was surprised. The orangutans never regarded the humans as enemies for some time since the humans lost and scattered to not be seen. Everyone then began making preparations as Comet followed, he backtracked to think.

His Grandmother liked humans, she was raised in a zoo. She never had anything against him and she passed down that sense in her family line. Should they really stop humans from leaving earth? What would his Grandmother say? He sat down on a patch of grass as he thought.

Suddenly he heard movement from nearby Comet remained still to determine the size of whatever was making the sound. He could hear leaves being rustled around, and so he clutched his spear in case of a predator. He slowly stood himself up preparing to investigate. Suddenly a human woman popped out to his right, Comet dropped back before realizing she didn’t actually notice him. Humans were like that. Then she turned to see him and her eyes widened, she held on to her own spear. Though Comet could tell her’s was not as proficient. Both parties pointed their spears towards each other not sure who would do what. Their eyes stared as Comet wondered if he would have to fight, but slowly he put his spear down. And with bewilderment, she did the same.

“I’m Comet,” he said pointing to himself.

She remained silent for a moment before saying, “I’m Jane.”

Jane then began coughing violently making Comet step back. She was sick like the other humans before her. Jane took off a pouch from his shoulders and pulled out a canteen to stabilize herself. The orangutans were successfully immune to the EX-Virus, humans never figured out how to cure it. That’s why the computer said they were leaving the planet, not being constantly exposed to the virus would be able to save those even who were sick.

Comet sat with Jane as she dug out of her pouch a berry to give to him, he took the offering as she drew out a map of where she needed to go. He figured out that she needed to get to the spaceship before takeoff but she had gotten lost. He knew the way easily and she would need a guide. But should he go against orders and help her? He thought about it. He had already gone against orders by making this peace offering in the first place, if Fox saw him, he’d be in trouble. He wasn’t an aggressive ape however, she did not attack him, why should he attack her? Comet respected what Fox and her family line did for ape society, but he could not follow orders carelessly.

Next, he heard more footsteps along with some distinct calls. His tribe. Coming from above, Comet looked up to see Fox and the others staring down at him Fox growled as her eyes became more fierce. She knew he was a traitor. Comet grabbed Jane’s arm and ran in the direction of the spaceship. He’d have to be quick to get her to safety. He didn’t know what would become of him, but the adrenaline flowing through him wouldn’t let him think that far ahead as he rushed through bushes. He could tell Jane was confused but understood they were in danger. He could hear they were being chased. The spaceship wasn’t very far away, but not close enough to avoid a confrontation. He just kept running without thinking. It quickly became apparent that Fox and the others were swinging ahead of them and Comet wasn’t sure why. He tried to lead Jane to go a different direction, but they approached a cliff. Jane held herself back from running as Comet instructed her to climb down, if he knew the location right it would be a shortcut. He would just have to stay behind. He watched her back as she quickly climbed down. He forgot to say goodbye.

He heard a howl as Fox and the others jumped down in front of them. He stared down at his tribe leader. Comet and Fox then began communication with a series of calls in their own language. Fox made the claim that it was her destiny to stop the humans as her family held great vengeance for them. They were the first experimented on. Comet made it known about his family’s familiarity with humans as Fox scoffed. She revealed it was her family who sabotaged the human’s test trials injunction to start a revolution. This surprised Comet, but it made sense. The humans were always smart, but they underestimated their test subjects.

Comet used his spear to draw a line in the dirt indicating he would not let harm come to Jane. Fox growled as they both threw their spears on the ground and charged. Both apes immediately got into a shoving match. Comet pushed but Fox was stronger, he knew that. He could feel his grip weakening. Trying to catch her off guard he quickly let go forcing her to lose her balance, he tried to shove his shoulder into her to knock her over. Fox simply shoved him onto the ground as she snarled, her hannya mask fell to the ground revealing sharp fox-like teeth. Comet froze in fear as she pounced towards him, he rolled away scurrying up to a skinny tree. Fox growled as she grabbed onto the tree and began to pull, frightening the tree began to bend to her strength. It appeared that her DNA was coded with a variety of predator animals. The tree snapped as Comet fell to the ground, he held onto a part of the tree. He needed more force to win. He looked at the part of the tree and realized he could use it as a pole vault. He stood himself up and charged leaping off toward Fox. Keeping his legs forward, he smacked into her knocking her into a tree. There was silence as he watched Fox fall over in a daze. Still alive but beaten. The other orangutans cheered in victory with this battle, Comet had unintentionally become the tribe leader. He picked up his spear as he watched Jane continue on her path. Ultimately, the humans and orangutans were on different paths. He should accept that. He instructed his fellow orangutans to pick up Fox and head back to their home.

Epilogue October 18, 3000

In the coming years more and more humans left earth as the orangutan species began to evolve. The orangutans came together quickly learning concepts humans took years to learn and eventually became the caretakers of the human’s former civilization.

Comet stuck with his tribe, who became his family as they all moved together into human cities. Fox, however, bitter and jealous of Comet’s betrayal fled to parts unknown, no doubt sinking in her own villainous ambitions.

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