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Exclusive NFT community for unique orangutan-inspired collectibles.

What Are Cultured Orangutan?

Cultured Orangutan NFTs are a collection of on-chain generated tokens that give holders access to exclusive content and experiences.

Collectors can choose from three versions: the original version on Ethereum, version 2 on Polygon, and a limited edition on Binance Smart Chain.

Support orangutan conservation and collect something meaningful with Cultured Orangutan NFTs.

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The Origin Story

Origin Stories

The Battle of Secrets

Fox, a castaway leader, lost her tribe to Comet. She now lives alone, stealing to survive. But a heist gone wrong leads to a shocking discovery.

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Origin Stories

The Seeds of Rebellion

In this gripping tale, Fox unearths a dark secret about Dr. Firefly and must join forces with Comet to save the orangutan species from cyborg spies.

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